Plan B


Plan B is a British music artists who specialises in Hip-Hop, Acoustic, Soul, Drum and Bass, Dubstep, Grime and more. His music predominantly targets young people, more men than women as some of his lyrics are rather vulgar. He is 33 and has already claimed top charts with not only singles, but albums too. Not forgetting his career in film.


Plan B has signed with numerous record labels such as: Atlantic Records, 679 Artists, Mercury Records, Warner Bros. Records, Asylum Records and Cordless Records, Warner Bros. Records being the most major of all his record labels. Although he is not currently signed with any, due to recent happenings revolving around a recent album release, his previous labels have also represented well-known artists such as Ed Sheeran, OT Genesis, Green Day and more.

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Plan B’s website creates quite a professional look for him. There are many different links in relevance to all his work from across the years like Music, Photos, Videos, Free Downloads, when he’s LIVE and a Store.

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The link to the Store provides you the option to purchase his top selling albums, expressing his efforts in self promotion. You can of course purchase or listen to his music elsewhere. Just some of those places being YouTube, Spotify, Deezer, iTunes and SoundCloud. Some of these are browser based, however, most are options that are only accessible through apps that can be downloaded for free or specific phone brands.


My primary source of music is Spotify. I have on there all my favourite playlists, albums and even soundtracks. Spotify is free and legal, making it more ethical than the free downloading methods. That said, if I want music to listen to music without access to the internet or to put into a Final Cut Project, I use a YouTube to mp3 converter. This allows me to download the audio of any YouTube video in mp3 format or any other of my choice. If I wish to have a song on my phone, I download it via iTunes as Spotify uses 4G and the YouTube to mp3 converter doesn’t work. There is also the fact that I don’t download music for my phone often so spending 99p on a song from time to time doesn’t impact on my bank balance to heavily.


Piracy is a big problem that impacts both the film and music industry quite heavily. People do it however because it’s both easy and free. When people get their music for free, it means the artist isn’t making money and, thereby, neither are their record labels and potential sponsors.


Most of the current top charts contain lots of explicit language. If not in the form of direct swearing, then through indirect sexual lyrics. This makes it really quite difficult for children or even just people aged 14 and under to enjoy new music without being exposed to inappropriate content. Also, parents tend not to approve of this. 


The majority of artists involved in the music industry are at some point exposed to drug and excessive alcohol use. With their party-hard lifestyle and working in such a relaxed profession in terms of responsibilities, young musicians especially tend to go off the rails slightly at some point in their career.


The sexualisation of young female artists is another problem with the music industry. They’re used as marketing strategies and for getting views on their music videos. In hip-hop videos, this is a commonly used strategy. It’s very unlikely that you will see a Drake, Jason Derulo, Wiz Khalifa or any other hip-hop artists music video that doesn’t young women in exposing or no clothes.


Paparazzi create more problems than necessary for the music industry as they are an invasion of the celebrities privacy.  As musicians, most struggle to escape the prying eye of the media with the many cameras and microphones being constantly shoved in their faces.


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