Lesson Notes – 10/02/17

1 How do we access music?

– Computer

– Smartphone

– Record Player

– Radio

– CDs

Most Music listening experiences are portable and any-time, any-place experiences. ‘Retro’ formats are becoming popular again. Electronic formats (mp3s + streaming) are still the norm

2 When do we listen to music?

– When bored / need entertainment

– Computing

– Whilst working

– Whilst multi-tasking

– Bored

– Just want to

Any time activity – No longer depends on dedicated music listening time.

3 How do we get our music?

– Electronic Access, streaming, YouTube, Spotify

– Some still buy CDs and records

4 How guilty do you feel about illegally acquiring music?

– Not guilty, no-longer seen as illegal – no need to access illegally, because streaming is so widespread

5 How easy is it to make and distribute your own music?

– Very, Very easy through what we call convergence and prosumer technology (eg. Smartphone) and distribute through web 2.0 (user-based internet)

– Apps and software readily available – musical talent not required.

Key Overarching issues for the MI:

Production (How much is made):

– Prosumer Tech widely available Eg. Garageband.

– Labels and studios no longer needed.

– No Studio? No producer! DIY is increasing.

– Musical Talent is not needed.

– Everyone can Access software.

– Music is not just music anymore – it is multimedia – eg. Videos, Games, Apps, YouTube.

– Charts – Do they reflect what people actually listen to?

– Acts can be artificially created through Software Eg. Autotune.

Distribution (how the music product reaches the audience):

– Record shops at physical formats in decline (although supermarkets now sell vinyl)

– People now share music for free through social networking sites Eg. YouTube.

– Illegal downloading no longer an issue, but wide streaming is an issue, especially for the artist Eg. Spotify.

– Ownership of music is ‘virtual’ – Physical copies and even Downloads are not needed – it’s like you’re hiring music.

– Distribution channels are widespread – Eg, Access through a range of different sites, stations and SNS – Record Labels don’t know how to effectively target audiences.

– Labels and the law can’t monitor or punish (effectively) illegal distribution.

Marketing (How music is Promoted)

– Visual and Multi-Media approach – labels have to spend more

– Audiences self-market and distribute – labels have to understand audiences

– Active audiences are empowered

– Audiences are considered to be ‘Generation C’

Consumption (How Music is Accessed and listened to)

– Audiences don’t have to pay for music anymore

– Audiences like Multi-Media approaches

– Audiences don’t agree with pricing structure.

– Audiences will put up with adverts instead of paying for services (Eg. Spotify free)

– Audiences still like multiple formats. Eg. Mp3s, Vinyl, CDs, cassettes – Growing expense for Record Labels

– Audiences can consume, copy, remix and redistribute easily (SoundCloud)


– Audiences are now just as knowledgeable as industry: can download, produce, share, distribute independently

– Audiences using convergence devices

– Audiences using Web 2.0 and the global village – Everyone can communicate worldwide

– Technology enables free distribution and marketing.

– Production of Music is easier.

– Labels do not control the Technology, which means they do not control production, distribution, marketing or consumption. – the audience have more control over the music and Tech companies (Eg. Apple) currently dominate the music Industry alongside the streaming services (Spotify, Deezer, Amazon Music)



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