Lesson Notes -20/02/17

The Big Three

  • Universal Music – A multimedia Company with music and film distribution
  • Warner Music – A multimedia company with ilm production and TV studios, as well as music division
  • Sony Music – A multimedia and a multiplatform company with a music division, called Sony Music. As well as hardware (TVs, Blu-ray players and Gaming Consoles – Playstation). Own TV and Film production studios too.
  • EMI (Used to be part of Big 4) – Sold off to Sony and Universal. EMI couldn’t compete in the music industry due to poor sales and lack of profit. EMI was music-only with some publishing – had nothing to fall back on.

The Smaller / Independent labels (the remaining 20%):

  • Domino Records (Arctic Monkeys)
  • XL Recordings (White Stripes, MIA, Dizzee Rascal, The Prodigy)
  • Soul Jazz Records
  • Fierce Pandas
  • Drift Records

a)“The music industry can be defined as the organisation of the various activities associated with performing and recording music and distributing access to those performances around the world. (b)Because the basis of music production is accessible to everyone with a modicum of talent, (c)the industry is both more ‘open’ than filmmaking and less easily ‘controllable’ than traditional broadcast television. (d)This has led to a long-standing institutional difference between small and large corporate ‘mainstream’.”


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I am an avid film fan and amateur editer studying Film and Television L3 Media at South Devon College.
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