Lesson Notes – 28/02/17

Nick Gatfield – Sony Music UK Boss.

“Sony are too reliant on X-Factor”

Sony Music Case Study.

  • Sony has a range of sub labels for different genres Eg. Artista (Country), RCA (Pop), Epic (Chart Pop), Legacy (Classics)
  • Each label draws in a specific audience to make a mass audience
  • Sony is an umbrella corporation
  • Sony uses a business model for music
  • Can’t easily access range of music or videos through official Sony artist sites – Drake, One Direction,
  • Sony promote only latest releases – funneling – no wide choice for audience
  • Consumers can’t buy directly from label – sends to third parties Eg. Apple iTunes store, Spotify (for streaming) and merchandise through third party sellers
  • Sony Music do not offer fan interaction opportunities
  • Sony’s model is a vertically integrated model (walled garden)



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I am an avid film fan and amateur editer studying Film and Television L3 Media at South Devon College.
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