Key Notes

DiY artist – can use convergence and prosumer devices (loop station, kaons pad, iPads, PCs) to produce, distribute, market and allow consumption by active audiences (Gen C)

  • Dub Fx produces though prosumer tech then distributes: SNS (Facebook) Linked to YouTube
  • Audiences can consume in a number of ways through HI methods: Bandcamp for music, convoy unlimited for Merchandise, YouTube for Videos, iTunes for downloads
  • Collective view on YouTube currently about 150m for all his videos combined, yet unheard of in charts and mainstream
  • Dub Fx not signed to label = uses crowdfunding and active audiences to generate an income and funding for live shows and albums:
    • used for ‘theory of harmony’ album – purchased by fans BEFORE album was made. In return for loyalty / patronage, fans offered exclusive items. This is called a fanship.
  • Dub Fx allows his fans to remix his work and then passes any profits back through to fans (uses Bandcamp – pay what you want model. – This is an interesting form of synergy – users, audiences and producers now becoming one. – “Everythink’s a remix.”
  • Dub Fx is part of video games and apps too – has an app on iTunes called ‘ShadowboxerHD’ – using multimedia products to market and distribute music.

The Dub Fx digital convergence strategies follow Gauntlett 2009:

“Interactivity on Web 2.0 make users more creative” – implies users are now active producers and distributors in their own right.

Making is connecting” – this suggests that audiences are needed for convergence-based products to work. When Dub Fx makes, he connects with his fanship. Synergistic / Symbiotic relationship.


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I am an avid film fan and amateur editer studying Film and Television L3 Media at South Devon College.
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