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Exam Questions & Question 9 Write Up

Exam Questions 1.“The Music Industry is dominated and controlled by global institutions.” To what extent do you agree with this statement? Refer to both audiences and institutions in your answer. Do you think the Big 3 control and dominate the … Continue reading

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Dying Traditional Music Industry – Summary Paragraph

People, whether it be the audience’s, record labels or artists themselves, have to recognise that the traditional music industry is no longer functioning properly for a number of reasons. These reasons stretch from generation C and their enthusiasm for convergence … Continue reading

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Plan and Intro Argument MI Essay

Intro : There are a number of problems facing the music industry. They include… Mainstream and Independent labels are dealing with these problems very differently. For example, mainstream labels like…  are very discouraging and against the idea of convergence technology … Continue reading

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Heavenly Recordings – Initial Findings

I find the format itself of the site quite appealing. It looks appealing, useful and simple all at the same time. It appears as though the site has been stripped to it’s bare essentials. Another thing I appreciate about the … Continue reading

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Soul Jazz – Initial Findings

I found it quite interesting that there is music available from the site. This stood out to me because of the amount of sites that don’t have a lot of music available from the site. I believe this to be … Continue reading

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Sony Music

Sony has Sub-Labels. These Sub-Labels include: Columbia Records RCA Records Epic Records Arista Records RCA Records Nashville Columbia Nashville Legacy Recordings Sony Music Latin Masterworks Vested in Culture RCA Inspiration Provident Label Group These Record Labels Represent Artists Such As: … Continue reading

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Record Labels

Rihanna Ref Jam Recordings Roc Nation Records SRP Records Bastille Virgin Records Capitol Records EMI Red Hot Chilli Peppers Warner Music Group Warner Bros Records Capitol Records EMI / EMI Records / EMI Records USA Arctic Monkeys Domino Recording Company … Continue reading

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